1983  Andrew Gower

1984  Mark Temple

1985  Mark Temple

1986  Andrew Hancock

1987  Was not held

1988  Mark Gregg

1989  Josh Lock

1990  Brian Taylor

1991  Brian Taylor

1992  Brian Taylor

1993  Tony Seddon (NSW)

1994  Josh Lock

1995  Luke Horlin Smith

1996  Josh Lock

1997  Josh Lock

1998  Josh Lock

1999  Luke Horlin Smith

2000  Todd Goudie

2001  Josh Lock

2002  Gary Hayworth

2003  Matt Shorten

2004  Paul Stacey

2005  Clayton Howse

2006  Phillipe Didelot

2007  Todd Goudie

2008  Brian Taylor

2009  Josh Lock

2010  Teale Vanner

2011  Teale Vanner

2012  Was not held

2013  Dion Atkinson

2014  Brett Edwards

2015 Max Longhurst

THE 1983 -2015

Gerry Wedd 1983 event Pondi


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Brian Squizzy Taylor 1991 event Dust Bowl

1991 Contest site Chinamans

Andrew Hancock 1986 Chinamans

Andrew Gower 1984 Final Chinamans

7 times winner Josh Lock

2013 event

Luke Horlin Smith

Yorkes Classic

   The Yorkes Classic was first held in 1983. It was started by local Warooka school teacher and surfer Paul Balcerak.

Run over the October long weekend, the event was a mobile affair and was run over three rounds 1st round at Baby lizards and and 2 rounds in great surf at Pondalowie Bay. This first event was won by Andrew Gower. Tragically well known surfing identity Keith Sugars died in a drowning accident while surfing up the beach from the event.

The winners Trophy is named the Keith Sugars memorial trophy.                 

Since then the event has continued to this day with the events in 1984 and 2005 being standout years with exeptional waves.  

Yorkes Classic past winners

Jason Keyser 2005

Clayton Howse 2005 winner

Matt shorten 2005