Surf Cars of South Australia

South Australia was pretty unique as far as the vehicles  that were used to get to the surf. From the early Sixties when South oz surfing pioneers Jimmy Miller  Peter Smith and a few other mates purchased a 1934 Ford V8, fit it out with surf racks that could carry upwards of 12 boards and headed down south around the Victor Harbour area,the South Coast Surf Chasers where born.

From that came The Surf Seekers, The Malabu Maniacs, Murphies Mob, Joie De Vivre and on the West coast the Fishery Bay Surfriders had the West Coast Surf Chaser. Four Point Surf club had their own and later in the 60s the Seaview Road Boardriders had two different chasers one through the mid sixties and another during the early 70's

The South coast Surf Chaser

The West coast Surf Chaser

The Joie De Vivre at Yorkes

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The West Coast surf Chaser

70's surf vehicles

Out west surf chaser 80's

The Roaders chaser late 60's

Another Chaser at the Tunarama Festival Pt Lincoln early 60's