South Bay Surf Club

Formed in November 1964 with a membership of twelve. By 1969 the cub had around 24 senior members 7 junior members and 2 life members Richard Bramley and Phil nicholas and two associate members Wayne Lynch and Simon Buttenshaw. Other early members included Wayne Dale

Andrew “Arab” Mcardle and Gary Blyth.

The Club was dissolved in 1970 due to falling membership but was resurrected soon after by Gary Blyth when he recruited a bunch of new members. This New wave of membership included the Palmer brothers Ray and Gary, Rod “Weasel” Bedford, Peter Victorsen, Jack Howath,Dave “Bogga” Hildyard, Ian “Lizard” Hendypoole and Phillip “Sunny”Corcoran.

The club grew over the next few years and along with Seaview Road Board riders dominated club comps between 1970 and 1980.

Original 1964 club members

70's club members

Andrew "Arab" Mcardle 60s member

Gary Blyth out west

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