South Australias longest running surfriding club

   Seaview Road Board Riders (SRBR) was formed in 1964 at a time when there were only three other independent surfing clubs in South Australia - Fisheries Bay, Four Point and Day Street. These established clubs catered for an older age group of surfers who were probably the first wave of surfers in South Australia but the sport also appealed to an emerging younger generation. It was from this younger generation that SRBR (later to be known simply as the Roaders) emerged as a recognised surf club in the state. At about the same time other clubs formed like Oceanside, Sand-n-Sea and South Bay.

From left to right: 'Coops', Graham 'Davo' Davidge, Brian 'Hindu' Thompson, Glen 'Bleecho' Nesbit and Phil 'Moans' Nesbit.

1966 Back row from left to right: Graeme 'Davo' Davidge, John Foreman, Barry 'Baz' Youing, Peter Robinson, Graham 'Fim' Foreman and Dean 'China' Forbes. fromt row from left to right: Geoff 'Gordie' Rogers, Brian 'Pres' Forman.

Roader Billy Cedunary (now February) South Australias first and only Open Mens Australian Champ 1982. Here he is as a grom with his first board

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The Roaders 70's chaser

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