JayBee surfboards was started around 1957 when Rod Bedford and brothers Bert and Jim started manufacturing surf skis in Rod's backyard at Edwardstown. By the end of the year they had moved to a shop on South Rd at St Marys opposite the Chrysler factory. Around 1958 they were producing hollow plywood surfboards and then by 1959 were building balsa boards like the one pictured.

By late 1959 they had started producing surfboards out of polyurethane foam and also some polystyrene foam boards. In the early sixties they started blowing there own polyurethane foam blanks and continued building boards up untill 1967 when they moved into more industrial fibreglass work. During their ten years of board building Bert Bedford was the main shaper of the boards while Rod also shaped several boards during the busy times.


Surf Star

Surf King

Moana Surfer




Bert Bedford

Trevor Lyle

Rod Bedford Snr

Rod (Weasel) Bedford  jnr


Kiwi White “I think the photo was taken by John Arnold down at Chiton Rocks early in 1960. I had taken months of work to save the £27/10/06 or $55.05 to buy this 9'6" JB balsa board”

Jim and Rod in the backyard building a surf ski 1957.

Peter Cox and Bert Bedford far right

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Peter Cox Riding a Jaybee at Moana early 60's

JayBee Surf Board Centre South rd St Marys

Surf Star model