Four Point Surf Club   

Formed in October 1963 by a group of surfing buddies on a trip to Yorkes Penninsula. The name originated from the concept of surfing the four points of the compass. This is something some of the early members lived up to.

Jim Miller S.A.s noted big wave rider ventured to Hawaii and surfed Pipeline. other members returned to S.A. with very early tales of the surf at Noosa in Qld.

Brian Murphy, Peter Bourne and Ron Parker blew there minds at the fabled Cape st Francis. Neville Dreyer travelled to Bairitz in France. Ricko the Great to New zealand. Kym Morton and Peter Swinstead also travelled to Africa. Des Clarke was one of the first presidents of the club.

The club was in existance from 1963 till the early Eighties.

Club members such as Bill Pryer Des Clarke Rick Surfield and Jon Cramwell produced a local surfing magazine called Four Point Mag and ran some of the first pro surfing events in South Australia during the late Sixties and Early Seventies.

Also up until the Late Seventies they had Clubrooms right on the beach at the Day St surf break just east of Middleton.

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Inside the Four Point shack at Day Street

Four Point Surf Chaser Yorkes

shack repairs

Club rooms 70's

Club members late 60's

The beginings of the shack at Day Street