Don Burford started surfing around 1957 when he was a member of the Grange surf life saving club on the 16ft boards that they were using at the time. They mainly surfed the stormies when they occurred under the Grange jetty and also at surf carnivals when they were held down at Moana and Goolwa beach.1958 saw the introduction of the hollow plywood surfboard shapes

Don had started building a few plywood boards in his parents shed around this time and this was the beginning of his surfboard building career. By late 1958 early 59 he had sourced some balsa and was building a few boards for his surfing mates.

  At around 1960 Don moved into a shop on Grange rd Henley Beach and continued working part time until around 1965 when he started his business full time. After a few years he moved to a shop just off Jetty rd Glenelg and then in 1969 he moved again to Oaklands rd Somerton where he stayed until his move to Queensland in August 1974.

   These days Dons business Burford Blanks is renowned as one of the best surfboard blank manufacturers in the world.

Shapers of Burford surfboards in South Australia

Don Burford

Greg Frost

Robin Middlewood

Lane Habib

Greg webb

Kym Thompson

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Don Burford Surfboards

Dave Story the Glasser

Don with a 1966 model

Shaper Lane Habib

Factory shop at Somerton

Don Burford early 70's